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4th International Conference on Midwifery and Womens Health, will be organized around the theme

Exceeding Innovations and research in Caring Women and Newborns with Skill and Compassion

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Nursing education comprises of the theoretical and informal preparing furnished to medical attendants with the reason to set them up for their   obligations as nursing care experts. This instruction is given to nursing understudies by experienced attendants and other Therapeutic experts who have qualified or experienced for instructive errands. Most nations offer medical caretaker instruction courses that can be pertinent to general nursing   or to specific ranges including psychological wellness nursing, pediatric nursing and Post operatory nursing.  Courses   prompting independent enlistment as a medical attendant normally most recent four years. Medical attendant instruction likewise gives post-capability courses in expert subjects inside nursing. Patients in critical condition are often deemed to be unstable, often unconscious, with erratic or extremely unhealthy vital signs. Many of these patients could also possibly be close to death. Because of this, the care that critical patients receive should be top-notch and highly specialized.

  • Track 1-1Critical Care Nursing
  • Track 1-2Geriatrics Nursing
  • Track 1-3Health Diversity
  • Track 1-4Nurse Career and Education
  • Track 1-5Nurse Practitioners
  • Track 1-6Treatment planning

The Midwife is perceived as a mindful and responsible expert who works in association with ladies to give the essential help, care and guidance amid pregnancy, work and the baby blues period, to direct births alone duty and to give care to the new Conceived and the newborn child. This care incorporates deterrent measures, the advancement of ordinary birth, the location of inconveniences in mother and tyke, the getting to of medicinal care or other suitable help and the completing of crisis measures. Maternity specialists have a critical part in wellbeing and health advancement and training for the lady, her family and the group. Maternity care rehearse includes illuminating and setting up the lady and her family for pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and Parenthood and incorporates certain parts of ladies' wellbeing, family arranging and newborn child prosperity. A birthing specialist May rehearse in any setting including the home, group, doctor's facilities, centers or wellbeing units.

  • Track 2-1Midwifery health profession
  • Track 2-2Midwifery pregnancy
  • Track 2-3Midwifery childbirth
  • Track 2-4Midwifery Novel Approaches
  • Track 2-5Midwifery obstetrics
  • Track 2-6Midwifery health science
  • Track 2-7Causes of child death

Midwifery care is balanced and continuous in nature, understanding of the social, cultural, spiritual, emotional, physical and psychological struggle of women.  Midwives are described as gatekeepers defining active labour. Prenatal care involves a series of regular tests and evaluations with the midwife. Moreover, prenatal care also helps in detecting and preventing several types of diseases that can be attacked to mother and then spread to baby. Postnatal care should be a continuation of the care the woman received during her pregnancy, labour and birth of a new born. Post natal care should involve proper planning and regularly reviewing the content and timing of care, for individual women and their babies. Midwives serve child bearing women from initial puberty to menopause, including care for their new born (neonatology), antepartum, intra partum, postpartum and  gynaecological care.

  • Track 3-1Medication
  • Track 3-2Midwifery Prenatal care
  • Track 3-3Postnatal care
  • Track 3-4Midwifery care for newborn
  • Track 3-5Antepartum
  • Track 3-6Intrapartum
  • Track 3-7Postpartum

Pediatrics is a category of medicine which plays a major role in midwifery. It prepares the proficient practice nurses/ midwife to administer Primary health management to women and their infants, children, and adolescents. Relying on framework of midwifery and adolescent development, it provides direct care for women and children as well as stimulates healthy habits that reduce the risk of ailment and disease.Midwives are the primary caregiver for pregnant women, they can be called as an obstetrician as well. Pediatric nurses often aid doctors by providing medical care and information about diseases and treatment plans to their young patients. Pediatricians work in hospitals, clinics, and are also involved in private practices. Midwives practice in hospitals and private practice medical clinics and may also deliver babies in birthing centers as well as attend at-home births. Some proficient practioners also work in academic institutions as professors. They are efficient enough to prescribe medications, treatments, medical devices, therapeutic and diagnostic measures. They are capable to serve medical care to women from puberty through menopause and includes care for their neonate (neonatology), intrapartum, antepartum, nonsurgical  gynecological care and postpartum.

  • Track 4-1Pediatric Nursing
  • Track 4-2Pediatric Mental Health Assessment
  • Track 4-3Child psychology and behavioural studies
  • Track 4-4Rehabilitation of Children
  • Track 4-5Pharma cokinetics in Pregnancy

License Practice nursing (LPN) involves Compile patient health information, Take vital signs, monitor frequency and amounts, administer medications, checks blood pressure, Provide personal hygiene assistance to patients and conduct other basic care treatments.  Midwife nursing practice includes Evidence based practice (EBP) which is the conscientious use of current best evidence in making decisions about patient care and treatment. The contact of evidence-based practice has echoed across nursing education, practice and science. Registered nursing requires a large base of knowledge used to plan, assess and intervene to promote health, prevent disease and aids patients to cope with illness.

  • Track 5-1License Practice nursing (LPN)
  • Track 5-2Evidence based practice in nursing
  • Track 5-3Registered Nursing (RN)
  • Track 5-4Certified nursing assistant
  • Track 5-5Advanced practice registed nurse (APRN)
  • Track 5-6nursing bord certification

Principle standards in maternity mind training and practice, depicted as the birthing assistance show and the medicinal model. These terms get from the sorts of care doctors and maternity specialists have verifiably given. The great maternity care display depends on the suspicion that most pregnancies, works, and births are typical organic procedures that outcome in solid results for both moms and infants. Invulnerability advancement for the youngster begins to enhance in the end through the special drain. Special strengthening likewise helps in overseeing weight of the mother in the end. A maternity specialist's recommendation in the baby sustaining at the underlying stages after the introduction of the kid at first for the initial three months after the birth adds to the mother's wellbeing. It concentrates on amplifying the wellbeing and health of a lady and babies

  • Track 6-1Causes of Child Deaths
  • Track 6-2Breast Feeding
  • Track 6-3Metabolism
  • Track 6-4Pre-conceptual Period

Gynecology and obstetrics are the studies of the female reproductive system. Obstetrics is the branch of medicine that focuses on women during pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period. Gynecology is a broader field, focusing on the general health care of women and treating conditions that affect the female reproductive organs. Doctors who are specialized in gynecology and obstetrics will have to undergo four years of post-medical school training in the areas of women’s general health, pregnancy, labor and delivery, preconception and postpartum care, prenatal testing, and genetics. For example, women may be referred as gynecologists in the earlier stages of pregnancy, and obstetricians later in their term.

  • Track 7-1Normal pregnancy,labour & puerperium
  • Track 7-2Infection in pregnancy
  • Track 7-3Operative gynology
  • Track 7-4Pregnancy care and delivery
  • Track 7-5Prostate cancer

Geriatric nursing is the forte of nursing relating to more established grown-ups. Gerontological medical caretakers work as a team with more seasoned grown-ups, their families, and groups to bolster sound maturing, greatest working, and personal satisfaction. The term gerontological nursing, which transfer the term geriatric nursing in the 1970s, is seen as being steadier with the claim to fame's more extensive spotlight on wellbeing and health, notwithstanding illness. Gerontological nursing is critical to meet the wellbeing needs of a maturing populace. Because of longer future and declining ripeness rates, the extent of the populace that is viewed as old is expanding. Somewhere around 2000 and 2050, the quantity of individuals on the planet who are over age 60 is anticipated expansion from 605 million to 2 billion. The extent of more seasoned grown-ups is now high and keeping on expanding in more created nations. In 2010, seniors (matured 65 and more seasoned) made up 13% of the populaces of the US. By 2050, it extents to 21%.

  • Track 8-1patient care
  • Track 8-2Nursing education
  • Track 8-3Mental health
  • Track 8-4Rehabilitation
  • Track 8-5Treatment planning

Online nursing sets and surveys gauges for the instruction, preparing, lead and execution. The Nursing and birthing assistance chamber keeps up an enlist of all medical caretakers, Maternity specialists and master group general wellbeing attendants qualified to hone.. The NMC (National Midwifery Council) likewise examines charges of debilitated wellness to rehearse. Many schools offer a quickened Bachelor's degree in nursing program. School attendants endeavor to encourage positive understudy reactions to typical human advancement; advance wellbeing and security in the school condition; intercede with genuine and potential medical issues; giving case administration administrations; and effectively team up with others to assemble understudy and family limit with respect to adjustment, self-mind, self-support, and learning. Nursing understudies enter undergrad nursing school with the objective of turning into an Advanced Practice Nurse (APRN), while others build up the craving to go to graduate school following quite a while of Registered Nursing. Work and Delivery Nursing is a well-known claim to fame among attendants, with some of these medical attendants looking for graduate instruction for Nurse Midwifery. It is a propelled rehearses enlisted nurture that has specific instruction and preparing in birthing assistance.

  • Track 9-1Brest and ovarian cancer
  • Track 9-2Pharmacokinetics in Pregnancy
  • Track 9-3Physical Activity and Dementia
  • Track 9-4Reproductive Endocrinology

Sexual and conceptive wellbeing is a condition of finish physical, mental and social prosperity in all Issues identifying with the regenerative framework. It suggests that individuals can have a delightful and safe sexual coexistence, the ability to recreate, and the flexibility to choose if, when, and how regularly to do as such.They should be educated and enabled to shield themselves from sexually transmitted diseases. Also, when they choose to have kids, ladies must approach benefits that can enable them to have a fit pregnancy, safe conveyance and sound infant.Each individual has the privilege to settle on their own decisions about their sexual and conceptive wellbeing.  UNFPA,  together with an extensive variety of accomplices, moves in the direction of the objective of widespread access to sexual and regenerative wellbeing and rights, including family arranging.

  • Track 10-1Pregnancy
  • Track 10-2Maternal Mortality
  • Track 10-3Contraception
  • Track 10-4Sexual Transmitted Diseases
  • Track 10-5Family Planning

As an eager mother, we need to see the child to be as solid as could be allowed. We should keep in mind that the vast majority of what you devour is passed along to your developing baby. While a few things are useful for your infant, others can be hurtful. Liquor and unlawful medications are known to be especially perilous for a creating child. Any measure of these substances is viewed as perilous amid pregnancy. You ought to maintain a strategic distance from them by and large while you're pregnant. Stopping before you get pregnant is perfect, however ceasing medication or liquor use anytime amid pregnancy will profit your infant. 

  • Track 11-1Fatigue
  • Track 11-2More vaginal discharge
  • Track 11-3Constipation bleeding gums
  • Track 11-4Problem with urination

The Canadian Pediatric Society prescribes select breastfeeding as the ideal strategy for newborn child bolstering for the initial a half year of life for sound, term babies (1). There are numerous advantages related with breastfeeding, including wholesome, immunological, mental, formative, ecological, social, financial and wellbeing. To advance, secure and bolster breastfeeding, each exertion must be made to limit contraindications to breastfeeding, especially superfluous ones. The present article compresses the maternal irresistible illnesses in which keeping breastfeeding is suggested, the not very many irresistible ailments in which it isn't prescribed, the uncommon occurrences in which maternal antimicrobial treatment demonstrates an alert for breastfeeding, and the continuation of breastfeeding when a mother or her newborn child is accepting a routine suggested vaccination.

  • Track 12-1Health Benefits of Breast Feeding
  • Track 12-2Neoplasms
  • Track 12-3Fibrocystic Breast Changes
  • Track 12-4Infections and Inflammations
  • Track 12-5Abnormal Nipple Conditions

The uterus, or womb, is where an infant develops when a lady is pregnant. The primary indication of an issue with the uterus might seep between periods or after sex. Causes can incorporate hormones, thyroid issues, fibroids, polyps, malignancy, disease, or pregnancy.Treatment relies upon the reason. Now and then conception prevention pills treat hormonal lopsided characteristics. In the event that a thyroid issue is the reason, treating it might likewise stop the dying. In the event that you have growth or hyperplasia, an abundance of typical cells in the uterus, you may require surgery. With two other uterine issues, tissue that regularly lines the uterus develops where it should. In endometriosis, it becomes outside the uterus. In adenomyosis, it develops in the uterus outside dividers. Agony drug may help different medicines incorporate hormones and surgery.

  • Track 13-1Endometrial polyp
  • Track 13-2Menorrhagia
  • Track 13-3Endometritis
  • Track 13-4Uterine fibroid
  • Track 13-5Uterine inversion
  • Track 13-6Endometrial Cancer
  • Track 13-7Leiomyoma
  • Track 13-8Retained placenta
  • Track 13-9Obstructed labour
  • Track 13-10Dysfunctional uterine bleeding